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Psychology for a healthy mind & body

Welcome to the practice you've been looking for. We are a loving, kind and professional practice with a special atmosphere of compassion and warmth.

Treat Yourself Well Sydney is a high quality psychology service. We specialise in body image difficulties, problematic eating, weight management and other health related concerns. Our team also provide psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of general issues including anxiety, stress, depression, and interpersonal problems.

Our professional team is dedicated to helping people to live the best life they can. The heart of what we do is to motivate and train people to treat themselves in the best possible way, psychologically and physically.

Treat Yourself Well Sydney offers a truly unique experience. You will not encounter a surgical, sterile environment or be treated like a 'patient'. Our premises are warm, inviting, comfortable. You will feel indulged with uplifting music and the irresistible aromas of our carefully selected candles. Relax in our soft lighting and a sense of old fashioned comfort. Enjoy a warming cup of herbal tea. We believe that self care starts with treating each of our senses.

Real Bodies Real Wellness

There is a major problem in our society's obsession with 'perfect' physical appearance, and the pressure to be thin for women, or muscluar for men, which has resulted in high levels of body dissatisfaction and psychological and emotional distress.  Problems like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating  and body dysmorphic disorder are serious conditions which need expert treatment.

The increasing social pressure to be 'thin' has also resulted in more and more people struggling with their weight.  While everyone knows that eating less and moving more is critical to achieving reduced weight, few people are aware of the specific psychological and emotional factors that are involved in your relationship with food, and with your body.  

Negative body image can maintain problems such as eating disorders and weight regain. In extreme cases, body dysmorphia can occur. Learning to accept your body and appearance is crucial to getting over an eating or weight problem. Treat Yourself Well staff specialise in this area and are here to help you learn concrete, effective strategies to improve body image, and your relationship with food.

We believe in encouraging people to accept their real, actual physical selves. Our psychologists have specific training and experience in providing evidence based treatment aimed at getting people back on track.